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Strategy and Technology Committee


Strategy and Technology Committee

Name Position
Laércio José de Lucena Cosentino Committee Chairman
In the last 5 years, Mr. Cosentino acted as the TOTVS Chairman and TOTVS CEO. Previously, he was director of SIGA, between 1978 and 1983, and founded the TOTVS in 1983. Mr. Cosentino is the author of “Dbase II and III”, “Windows”, “Brazil is not Risk, it is Opportunity” and “Genoma Enterprise”. He is currently Member of the Deliberative Council of the Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (Brasscom), independent member of BMFBovespa Board of Directors and President of Endeavor and Mendelics Board of Directors. He is graduated in Electric Engineering by Escola Politécnica de Engenharia da Universidade de São Paulo.
Eros Alexandre Jantsch Committee Member
Mr. Eros Jantsch is the Company’s Vice-President of Business. Previously, he worked for Bematech for 23 years, accumulating experience in research and development, product marketing and international operations, being responsible for operations in Brazil, United States and Asia. In 2006, he assumed the Bematech branch in Taiwan, structuring the procurement, product development and sales areas, in 2009, he became the Director of International Operations in China and in 2010 he became the leader of the Hardware Unit for the Fiscal and Retail product categories of Bematech. In 2013, he became the Hardware and Services Director, and later became the CMO. 
Mr. Eros Janish holds a bachelor degree in Physics, with specialization in Strategic Project Management, Strategic Negotiation with the Asian Continent, from INSEAD (SG), Innovation from IEL-DUKE and Corporate Finance from Fundação Dom Cabral.
Guilherme Stocco Filho Committee Member
Mr. Gilberto is graduated in Administration by Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo da Fundação Getúlio Vargas (1972). Currently, Mr. Gilberto acts as an Independent Member and Member of the Audit, Finance and People Committee, besides Member ad hoc of the Corporative Governance of Cielo S.A.; Member of the Board of Pragma Gestão de Patrimônio; External Consultant of the Audit Risk Managemment and Finances of Natura S/A; Independent Member of the Sustainability Committee of Banco Santander Brasil S/A. In the last 5 years has acted as Member, Vice-president and President of the Administrative Board of IBGC - Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa; Independent Member of SEB Educacional S/A; Independent Member of Baterias Moura S/A and Independent Member of of Isolux Infrastructure S/A. Before that, from 1994 to 2009, Mr. Gilberto acted as CEO of BOVESPA - Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo and CBLC - Cia Brasileira de Liquidação e Custódia. 
Maria Leticia de Freitas Costa Committee Member
Mrs. Letícia is graduated in production electronic engineering by Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo and has a MBA by Samuel Curtis Johnson School of Management de Cornell University. Currently, she is partner at Prada Assessoria Empresarial and Member of the Board of Localiza S.A., Mapfre and RBS Mídia. She is also Member of the Audit Commmittee of Votorantim Cimentos e Votorantim Metais. In the last 5 years, Mrs. Letícia worked at Insper, between 2010 and 2015. From 2001 to 2010, Mrs. Letícia acted as President of the operations of Booz Allen Hamilton (currently Strategy&). She has also acted as Member of the Board of Sadia, Gafisa, Technip e Marcopolo, besides being Member of Council Committee at Votorantim Industrial and Bematech.
Wolney Edirley Gonçalves Betiol Committee Member
Mr. Wolney Edirley Gonçalves Betiol was the co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of Bematech S.A. since 1991. Graduated in Electrical Industrial Engineering, Masters in Industrial Computing by Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, MBA at Fundação Getúlio Vargas and specialization in management at IMD and Wharton Business School. He was awarded the commendation of the Ordem Nacional do Mérito Científico by the Science and Technology Ministry and the Knowledge Medal by the Industry, Development and Foreign Trade Ministry. He was also: (i) President of Afrac – Associação Brasileira dos Fabricantes e Revendedores de Equipamentos de Automação Comercial; (ii) President of Sindicato das Indústrias Eletro-Eletrônicas e Similares do Estado do Paraná; (iii) Executive Officer of Abinee – Associação Brasileira da Indústria Eletro-Eletrônica; (iv) Executive Officer of ANPEI – Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento das Empresas Inovadoras; (v) Vice-President of FIEP- Federação das Indústrias do Paraná; (vi) Director of Lactec – Instituto de Tecnologia para o Desenvolvimento; and (vii) member of Contec - Conselho Superior de Tecnologia e Competitividade da FIESP – Federação das Indústrias de São Paulo.


The Strategy and Technology Committee studies, debates, evaluates, proposes and monitors the main guidelines of the corporate and technological strategy of TOTVS.

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